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Shayne: samui speed racer

Cruising samui on a moped

28 °C

I used to bust around Yellowknife on my buddy Braxy's moped. Everyone laughed at me. If memory serves surly bob actually drove it around too. Well today I am glad I I at least learned to ride. We spent the day busting around Koh samui on our moped we rented down from the bar with the hookers (real obvious hookers too if i can spot them) The whole island is pretty much the same. So i became the samui speed racer.
biking in samui

biking in samui

speed racer

speed racer

We stopped for water a few times. We noticed that the gas Guage didn't seem to move on the bike. Needless to say we ran outta gas and thankfully most shop owners sell gas in old 1 liter booze bottles on the side of the road (there's a side businessfor theempty bottles at surlys Lyle)
outta gas

outta gas

Just a shot off me having a swig o gas. Were off to the street market tonight and big buddah and beach bumming tomorrow. And im used to the heat so there might be some wobbly pops involved.
chug a lug samui

chug a lug samui

We stopped for wakey wakey eggs and bakey at sonjas. She didn't have the English breakfast and said it was too fatty anyway. The meal was good (German Breakfast). We got to talking with Sonja and her friend who is a local artisan. The conversation was great although the aritisans geitheist anarchistic vegetarian views clashed with mine, we were both very respectul. I think Sonya thought I was joking when I told her I was thinking of ordering another breakfastbut I think everyone reading this and Ellen as well know I don't joke around about stuffing my pie hole. If you are in mae nam beach definetly have a feed at sonjas.

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Shayne: the gambelor and 747's

The gambelor!

sunny 28 °C

Had an excellent time.with Shaun and Erin in Vancouver. Too bad the blackjack tables were unkind. The gambelor is a c rewel beast. We had plenty of Time to hit the whitespot and get one last taste of triple O O O my god that's good sauce. We arrived in Bangkok and were pretty tired so we got some rest in the bangkok airport. The flight to koh samui was quick, and we got meals on every flight so why can't air Canada do that? We arrived at koh samui and headed off to the hotel (Harrys bungalows in Mae nam). It's a nice place very quiet but not on the beach. It's ok though the pool is nice. We walked up to the main road and scored a simcard,and beersfrom the trusty 7-11. After our walk I know know why every one drives a moped it definetly beats walking.


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shayne: Route planned

We have our route planned. We will be leaving Calgary and hitting Vancouver for a few days. Then its through Taiwan and on to Koh Samui Thailand, well head north to Bangkok (and the intl auto show) up to Chiang Mai then cross the border in to Laos at Chiang Khong. Were going down the Meekong to Luambrabang then off to Vientaine. Fly off to Siem Reap then Phnom Penh and own to Shioukanville all in Cambodia. Then its back to Thialand along the coast and Bangkok for a bit then off to Phuket. We will keep going south hit Langkawi, Georgetown, Ipoh and Kuala Lampur in Malaysia. Then its on to Singapore for a rest. A flight to Ho Chi Minh then trains to Hoi Ann, Da Nang and Hanoi. Well cross the border to China and hit Nanning Macau and Hong Kong. Shanghai and 3 Georges maybe a sail up the yangzethen off to Bejing. Phew getting tired already!

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ready to go

Shayne: gearing up

Well we have our tickets and visas ready. We have our basic plan and were off on the 12th of march.

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Shayne: Leaving the Mount Milligan Project

sunny 13 °C

Time for me to leave the MTM project and AMEC. Thanks to all the folks on site. I hope you enjoy the internet communications infrastructure I supplied to site (facebook, skype and realtime telephone!). I also hope the powers that be find it in their hearts and wallets to allow for Cell on site so you can all talk to your families. Take care of yourselves and each other.

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